Souring Option Management provides venue sourcing for non-centralized meetings, which are arranged by outside planning companies. This service connects “SOM” with experts to negotiate all aspects of the meeting contract which are a minimum of 10 rooms per night including conference rooms, sleeping accommodations and food and beverage for meetings.

• Complimentary services on select venues
• Having the availability of an experienced meeting planner to support and source
  the venue location

  • Knowing you have an advantage of numerous existing partnerships and industry
  contacts thru souring option management. (Site selection is comprehensive,
  quick and simple)
• Meeting proposals on selected venue that include price, features and
  special saving offers.
• The confidence of prompt service to provide the necessary information to make
  a decision
• Knowing our seasoned meeting planners are negotiating savings and minimize
  contract risk for your event(s).
• Being able to build a relationship with our meeting professionals to gain a
  clear understating of your meeting needs as a repeat..